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What do I offer?

Values & Philosophy


Expect quick responses. I welcome feedback.

I Keep Promises

I don't promise a risk-free birth. No one can. I do promise the experience will be transformational. 


I want to know you! I want you to feel comfortable with me. I center LGBTQ+ families in my work.

It's Your Birth

My goal: you are satisfied with your birth.


My former teacher shows. 

Continuous Learning

I did 87 hours of continuing education last year. I'm certified by multiple organizations. I know lots about birth so you don't have to. 

What does a typical doula package include?

I have different offerings that I tailor to your needs

doula client bag including birth affirmations, a fan, home made remedies, pregnancy tea

Overwhelmed? Let's Talk

Mel will contact you to hear about your individual needs

Thanks for submitting!

Queer doula Melissa Haley of Chicago client in labor at home birth
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