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Overview of Services

Fertility, Queer Conception, Birth, Postpartum

Consults: Fertility, Infertility, OMG I'm Pregnant, Birth Location and Provider Search

Wanting to get off of hormonal birth control? Trying to conceive? Just peed on a stick and freaking out? Not sure where to give birth? Getting a weird vibe from your provider? Reach out for a one hour consult and a personalized plan.


Prenatal Support & Childbirth Education

I am a certified childbirth educator through Cornerstone Birthwork. During our prenatal sessions, I will give you lots of fun, hands-on, easy ways to visualize and cope with labor. Expect balloons, art assignments, and a whole bag of tricks!


Labor & Birth

Unmedicated, epidural, Hypnobirthing, cesarean, induction, VBAC, water birth, home birth, birth centers - I've done it all!

I give you the full care and attention you deserve. I'm on call for your from the moment we sign a contract. In our prenatal meetings we will go through all of your birth options and comfort measures. I will begin supporting you in the early stages of labor and stay with you to and through the birth of your baby. I am available for hospital, birth center, and home birth settings, and I support all birth plans from scheduled cesareans, to epidurals, to unmedicated births.


Postpartum Planning & Postpartum

Let's work together to create a plan for a smooth transition into postpartum using The Five Principles of Postpartum. I support all feeding plans and can help you with feeding schedules, bodyfeeding, and pumping. As your labor doula, I will make a visit to your home after birth to check on you, provide support, and go over your birth story with you. I am also available as a postpartum doula.



How much do services cost?

Most packages have a range of prices, with optional add-ons. Packages range from postpartum hours at $35, to single consults at $75, to full packages at $1600+. Please reach out to discuss pricing. I do not want money to stand in the way of you working with a doula especially for BIPOC and LGBTQ families, and I do offer payment plans as well as alternatives.

What services do you provide? Like what is a doula?

I am a source of emotional, physical, and informational support for all reproductive outcomes from fertility to postpartum. You are hiring an industry expert, much in the same way that people might work with a wedding planner, accountant, physical trainer, realtor, financial advisor, travel agent, event planner, contractor, etc.

What are your interactions with medical staff like during a hospital birth?

Every situation is different, but I always aim to be professional and polite. If I can see that you need some help advocating, I will open that up for you by asking you questions. We might make a plan privately or take some time to breathe and discuss. We can talk more in a consult about your specific concerns and how I might address them.

Do you perform any physical examinations?

Nope! I am not a medical professional. I do not do any medical evaluations.

When should do I call you during labor?

During our prenatal conversations, we cover all the possible signs and symptoms of labor. Then, as your birth day approaches, we will be in frequent communication. Unless labor begins suddenly and progresses rapidly (which is *extremely* rare even though everyone seems to know one person who had a fast labor), we will likely talk several times and decide together when I should come.

tl:dr When you need me!

How will hiring you affect my partner’s role during the birth?

Partners are often nervous that I will replace them. I never could! I view you and all of your support people as a team. I work to prepare you all. Birth is an experience, and both the birthing person and their family all deserve support during this massive transition. If you are the team, I am the trainer getting you stronger and more fit for labor and birth.

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