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What Past Clients Have to Say...

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We had our third kiddo (second pregnancy, first one was 8 years ago with twins) in 2023 and it was an amazing experience. As a queer couple going through this with some unusual wrinkles, including the non-birthing partner Jordi inducing lactation so she could also feed the baby, Mel's constant refrain of supporting us and our choices was beautiful and also critical.

The highlight for us was a labor and birthing experience at the Birth Center of Chicago, where Melissa worked so well with the midwives to help continue that thread of empowerment for Maria.

Jordi & Maria, Full Garden Package + Class

Queer doula Melissa Haley of Chicago lesbian client labor and birth at Birth Center of Chicago
Queer doula Melissa Haley of Chicago client labor and birth at Northwestern Prentice Hospital

"I specifically searched for a doula that was queer-affirming. Mel has a calm and open energy, and I knew I'd be in good hands. They brought so many cool educational tools to our prenatal visits! From a model pelvis and baby to show what's happening during birth, to showing me how to use all three different types of baby carriers I was gifted, to SO much info about birth... the list goes on.


Cut to... labor! I'm still anxious even thinking about labor, but Mel made it more bearable. The midwives loved working with them, even asking Mel for advice at one point! When someone you find for pregnancy and birth support feels like family, you know you've won the jackpot. 

Renee, Full Garden Package + Placenta Encapsulation

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home birth client laboring in the shower, seen through the glass is her tattooed arm and pregnant belly

Photo by Erin Loughlin

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