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hello there

I'm Melissa

I want every client to feel seen, no matter who they are or what their story is. 

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My Birthwork Journey

When I was 6, I looked at my mom and said, "You're pregnant." She looked shocked and asked how I knew. She was only a few weeks in, and not showing yet. Doula work came for me. Early.

As an adult, I was invited to attend a death of a family friend in hospice. I communicated with the medical staff, made sure everyone ate and rested, and read a poem as she passed. After, I told the story and learned the word, "doula."

I trained in 2019 with Ancient Song in Brooklyn, NY. During the 12 week courseI learned that birth doulas are not just snack-pushers or hip-squeezers. There is a maternal mortality crisis in the US, and it disproportionately affects Black women. Doulas are advocates, witnesses, and guides. 

I come from three generations of caregivers. I've worked with young children my whole life: my own 6 siblings, babysitting in my small town in MA, research in preschools during college, teaching elementary school on the West Side of Chicago and leading a school in Harlem, NY. Small children puking on you definitely prepares you for some aspects of birth! 


Even so, at my first birth I was terrified that I'd be useless or in the way, but instead everything clicked. I knew when to hold a hand, offer water, or silently hold space. And, I knew there was no going back. 

Birth never goes as planned, but if you are satisfied with your options and choices, then I know I've done my job. It's ok to want a health baby AND also a good birth experience! 

I love working with other queer folx and single-parent families. It's your birth. From home birth & unmedicated labors to induction & cesareans, I'd be honored to walk alongside you. 

When I am not attending births, you might find me gardening with my wife, crocheting, reading, walking my naughty little dog Coconut, or running. 

(pictured is me at my second birth, 2020)


Certifications & Degrees

Infant Feeding & Lactation Specialist


Twelve week training with Tanya Willis and Sarah Lovell at Manhattan Birth. Requirements included weekly class, case studies, group work, 2 supervised lactation visits, and a final exam.

Full Spectrum Birthworker

Seven week training in 2019 with Ancient Song Doula Service in Brooklyn, NY. Requirements included Infant CPR, bodyfeeding training and certification, and 5 supervised births.


Childbirth Educator

May 2021

Twelve week training with Cornerstone, by Nickie & Juli Tilsner and community leaders covering anatomy, trauma-informed care, HAES, comfort measures, advocacy & more. Requirements included submitting teaching demos for feedback and writing a full childbirth ed curriculum.

VBAC Doula


Self-paced program through the VBAC Link on supporting trial of labor after cesarean (TOLAC) for those desiring a vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC).

Masters, Education


Dominican University



Wellesley College, Developmental Psychology & Art History

Trainings & Courses

Spinning Babies Workshop

Balance the body and use gravity during labor 2022

Wild Ginger Herbal Center

Birthkeeper Program: Herbs for Fertility, Herbal Birth Bag, Gender Affirming Birth Work, Understanding Emergencies, Sacred Blessing Ceremonies, Balancing Hormones Post-miscarriage and Postpartum 2021

Divine Birth Wisdom

Grandma's Hands: Pregnancy and Postpartum Herbs in the Southern Tradition 2021

Chicago Women's Health Center

Abortion Companion Training, Loss Companion Training 2021

Evidence Based Birth

Big Babies; Due Dates; Advanced Maternal Age 2020

Institute for Birth, Breath & Death

Holding Space for Infant & Pregnancy Loss 2020

Earthseed Holistic

Plant Magic 2020

Ancient Song Doula Services

Full Spectrum Doula Training 2019

Fun Facts

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