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Queer doula Melissa Haley of Chicago drops of placenta encapsulation pills to client in chicago

Placenta Encapsulation Services

Postpartum Mood disorders are the most common pregnancy complication worldwide. I turn your placenta into easy to use products to support recovery. Safety is my number one priority and I carry certification in food handling, blood borne pathogens, and placenta processing. 


Benefits include: 

  • Lessening of postpartum bleeding

  • Increased milk supply and energy

  • Balanced hormones and mood

  • Reduced occurrence of postpartum depression

Placenta Encapsulation Packages

placenta encapsulation package including placenta pills and cord keepsake on a colorful cloth, made by melissa haley chicago doula

The Essential Placenta Package


Pick up & drop off

Processing placenta into pills 

Free cord keepsake

Clients get $25 off

Queer doula Melissa Haley of Chicago placenta encapsulation package with placenta pills, placenta tincture, keepsake

Add On: Tincture


Supports you when the pills are gone

Can be refilled indefinitely

Use during menopause

Queer doula Melissa Haley of Chicago placenta encapsulation art

Add On: Art


Archival quality art paper

Choice of altered or unaltered

We hired Mel to encapsulate my placenta, and I can say that after nearly 3 weeks of taking the pills, my recovery this time has been a night and day difference! With our first, I cried daily when the sun set for the first few weeks and thought it was a myth that some people don’t experience the baby blues. This time I have felt like my normal self! 

Annie, Full Garden Package + Placenta Encapsulation

home birth client holding new baby in a birth tub after water birth with midwives

Photo by Erin Loughlin

chicago doula melissa haley in personal protective gear holding bleach to prepare to encapsulate a placenta

Curious about the process?

Read a blog post about what goes into placenta processing (hint: it starts and ends with a gallon of bleach)

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