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at Burr Ridge Birth Center & Birth Center of Chicago

Birthing From Within

You already have all the skills you need for a great birth

a large cloth 7 circut labyrinth is laid out with candles for birthing from within childbirth class

Birthing From Within is the answer to feeling like you need to know everything about birth. Connect what you already know to the skills you will use in both labor and postpartum. We explore both the sacred and the scientific to help you prepare for birth.


Think of class like one long coaching session that will help as you transition into parenthood. This holistic class is designed to give you both information and emotional support. 


All classes include:

  • hands-on activities

  • mindfulness practice and breath work

  • pain coping practice & tips for partners

  • reflection questions, journaling activities, and birth art to help you prepare for birth and beyond

students gather around melissa haley chicago birth doula to hear the story of Inanna

Michael C., March 2024

"Thoughtful, caring and above all practical, Mel's course on Birthing from Within should be mandatory for first time parents."
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