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Hi, I'm Hadley! Wyld Garden's Summer Intern

Hello. My name is Hadley Roberts(any), and I will be working with Mel this summer as an intern for Wyld Garden. I am a rising sophomore at Wellesley College in Massachusetts studying neuroscience in preparation for a master's degree in public health. Although that path might not convey it, I am much more interested in the social-emotional side of health and health justice than the medical side.

In my free time, I love to garden, paint, and play with my dog, Sophie.

I first became interested in doula work after reading about its significance in a health activism class. I learned about the role of midwives and doulas in combatting the paternalistic power dynamics of the hospital and providing people with more agency over their own childbirth. I was sold, or bewitched, by the kind of health work that lived outside of the biomedical model honored the interconnection of social, emotional, intellectual, and physical needs, and united institutional medical knowledge with the long-known Indigenous birth practices of different geographies and cultures. That was the kind of health work that I hope to contribute to. So I was excited when I saw this internship opportunity. I have loved working with Mel, and I can see these benefits of having a doula clearly in their work. If you are looking for trust, kindness, intentionality, and knowledgeable guidance, you are in the right place! 

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