Image by Nahil Naseer



"Melissa showed us what stamina and cool confidence look like during the delivery. Though my wife had to initially be induced (contrary to our birth plan), Melissa spoke with us about the experience we were beginning and gave my wife renewed courage and lifted her spirits. When she met us at Prentice Women's Hospital in downtown Chicago, she immediately set up the room with lights and inspirational art. She talked with my wife about pain management options and supported my wife's decision to proceed without both pitocin and an epidural. Melissa showed me how to reduce my wife's pains during contracting, she mirrored helpful breathing, and spoke calming words. 

She's worth every penny and many more."

Joe & Sarah


"Melissa arrived at 11:00 PM & was a burst of energy, equipped with twinkle lights, essential oils, a homemade electrolyte drink & a menu of positions to find comfort in. Throughout our hours of labor, Melissa was such a calm presence. When I think of labor, I think of my husband behind me & Melissa in front of me, giving affirmations & holding my hand through each contraction. She helped make my unmedicated birth possible. 

I couldn't imagine giving birth without Melissa. We both appreciated her so much & would recommend her to anyone."

Courtney & Pete


"During the last few weeks of pregnancy she was on call and she was always available. She was the best listener. I am forever grateful for that.

Once I was in labor she never left my side, she gave me encouragement and reassurance. During labor she assisted me with pressure points to help alleviate pain. It was a lifesaver! She knew exactly what to say. This helped me a great deal, especially during the transition phase. Once my daughter was born she provided me  with breast-feeding positioning. In fact, since she showed me the football hold while breast-feeding, it's been my favorite, most comfortable position for me and my baby.

If you’re looking for a kind, present, generous, highly knowledgeable Doula, then Melissa is for you.



From our very first digital meeting I could tell that Melissa was the kind of person who was truly holistic in their approach, trusting both scientific evidence as well as sacred wisdom passed down through the ages.

Liz C.