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Birth Story: Renee

Updated: Jan 31, 2023

Renee rocked her birth! Her mom was nervous about laboring at home. Renee went from "I just want to stay in bed" to "we need to go, now" pretty quickly. I knew it was active labor when she couldn't make it down her apartment stairs without stopping for a surge.

We were only in triage for 10 minutes because she arrived at 8cm dilated. We clearly cut the anesthesiology line because I have never seen an epidural placed so fast in my life. I'm so impressed with her ability to listen to her own body throughout her labor and FOUR hours of pushing.

If you are out there thinking, am I gonna have my baby in the car???? I realize that this story makes it seem like everything was fast, but Renee was in labor all day before I joined her. She had an hour car ride to the hospital. And sweet baby S was born early the following day. Even when things get serious, there is almost always time!

(please note: I am very likely to show up to your birth in my emotional-support jean jacket)

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