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Postpartum: First 2 hours in a hospital

Usually after about 2 hours of recovery at the hospital, you will be moved to a postpartum room. The amount of information that gets thrown at you is incredible, regardless of how long you labor was or how exhausted you are. You may feel a little disoriented as someone attempts to give you a long talk complete with binders, slides, websites, etc. Some examples:

⚡️Your baby’s care plan over the next 24 hours

🌀Your care plan for the next several hours

⚡️A chart for you to keep track of feedings and diapers

🌀Deciding on a newborn bath and when

⚡️Lactation information and expectations for your stay

🌀An agreement saying that you won’t hold the baby if you feel tired

⚡️The two courses you’ll be required to take before discharge

🌀Information on postpartum mood disorders

⚡️Requirements for discharge…

The list can go on and on. I am not saying any of this is inherently good or bad. What I’m saying is that it’s ok to take a deep breath, smile, nod, and worry about it later if you want to bask in your newborn or just nap. All of the information can and will be repeated.

I have seen care providers deliver this information while people are sleeping. I suspect it is part of policy that they must do it as part of their beginning of care, but that doesn’t mean you have to remember it the first time.

Make a plan with your partner or doula so that you don’t feel solely responsible for all of the important information. Give yourself permission to be taken care of during this incredibly vulnerable moment.

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