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How well do you know your own chest tissue?

Body literacy is an important aspect of chestfeeding. For example, have you ever looked really carefully at your nipples? If you do, you can see that there are many little bumps, each representing a different duct. Think of it like holding a handful of straws all together. 🥤

Another great example is your actual chest tissue. The part that makes milk is grouped together like clusters of grapes. If you feel around you can get a sense of the edges. See if you can tell:

🌙 how far up your armpit the tissue goes (hint: far!)

🌙 where the tissue transitions back to rib and muscle on your torso

Knowing your chest well has many benefits! Increased comfort with your body, better ability to tell when something is wrong/different, and more ease and comfort with feeding a babe. Please go feel yourself up!

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