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Did you chose your birth location based on their lactation services?

It can be difficult-to-impossible to actually meet with the lactation team in a hospital setting. Absolutely no shade to hospital-based providers! They are working hard to meet with a huge client load, and like most hospital services, high-need patients are prioritized.

I've had many clients ask to speak to the lactation team, but they never got to meet with them. Or, they got to meet but it was very briefly. Others felt like their nurse didn't want to get someone from the lactation team because the nurse was trained in lactation.

Please know that just because hospital offers a service DOES NOT mean that you will be able to access that service. Make a back-up plan. Find a lactation consultant you trust during pregnancy. Hire a doula with lactation training. Take a bodyfeeding class.

Bottom line: if bodyfeeding is important to you, do not take the fuck around and find out approach (even if that usually works for you). 🧡

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