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Cervical Fluid & Social Media Bans

The last time I wrote a blog was when I was teaching Kindergarten 10 years ago and finding ways to connect with other educators, so this is going to be a whole lot different...

I recently posted a picture of my cervical serum on Instagram as an educational image and someone reported it so it got taken down. I appealed and never heard anything one way or the other, but the post is gone. I no longer have access to my own photo. I am not going to have my body literacy content edited by anyone else. Mind your own uterus, or don't follow me.

Here's the image that started it all: I was so excited to share, because I generally just don't have this much cervical fluid. If this is new to you, cervical fluid is a liquid that your cervix makes when you are fertile. It's a sign of health and wellness (fertility), and many people with uteruses are taught that this serum is actually "discharge" which is unclean and should be hidden or washed away. Not true!

Cervical fluid is ONLY produced in the days leading up to ovulation and is one of the key signs used to track fertility, along with basal body temperature. In order for someone to become pregnant without medical assistance, this fluid must be present: it helps the sperm make the long journey, and helps it stay alive long enough, to meet the ovum. If you exist, it is likely in part thanks to this magical, sparkling serum. You'll know you have the good stuff if you can stretch it without it breaking. Happy observing!

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