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Birth Story: M&O

M + O's labor began with a daytime induction. We were in close communication as M had her first doses of medication. She well enough to visit with her mom and sisters who were in town for the birth. She danced, she snacked. Everything seemed to be moving slow and steady for hours, and M + O were doing a wonderful job!

Then M's water broke and her third dose of medication hit like a wall of bricks. You just never know when induction meds are going to really kick in. The weather was otherworldly as I rushed to them in the fog. I got there just as an epidural was being placed. We talked for a while as M relaxed out of the intensity of sudden active labor. She was 3cm, so we cozied up the room and prepared for a well-earned nap.

M had been napping only 20 min when the fetal heart rate when way down with a contraction. Two more contractions and the baby's heart rate did the same thing, so I woke up M and suggested we roll her to her other side to see if baby was being compressed and movement could help. My doula brain began to strategize just as the RN walked in and suggested a cervical exam. I was doubtful because M was 3cm just 3 hours ago, but I also know that when the fetal heart rate drops like that sometimes it's a sign of late labor.

The RN only made it about 1 knuckle into the exam - M was 10cm and baby was very low. M looked at me and said, "What the fuck?" Couldn't have said it better myself. A reminder: the cervix is not a crystal ball! I massaged her legs as she pushed to help her relax, and her baby was vaginally not long after.

I love the shot of O's total shock!

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